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Cause it’s free yo! But for real, because not only do I love documentary films and making them but I love talking about it. Documentary is in a “golden” era of sorts however the community is going though serious growing pains. Not only are there gaps between generations of filmmakers from a technological standpoint but also from a cultural and societal awareness viewpoint. The current balance of power and creativety in the documentary world isn’t okay and we need new digital spaces from digital natives and I hope this can be that, for you. If you dig it, stick around it would be great to have you.

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I’m working on another project that want- no NEEDS your voice so check it out at www.reallyreel.substack.com. It explores the grey area between journalism and documentary film through the voices of Millennial and Gen Z non-fiction storytellers.

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Kyle Scoble

Documentary filmmaker normally holding the camera. Making cinema verite trying to question the status quo. Gear nerd.